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NANOKNIFE is the name of the equipment with which the treatment is carried out using the Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) technique.

It is a technology approved by the FDA and CE since 2006.

The cell destruction mechanism is based on the creation of a strong pulsed electric field, lasting for minute fractions of a second, which cause the opening of "pores" in the cells. It is the organism's own defenses that will end up cleaning these cell residues in a process called Apoptosis.

Cell selectivity

It only induces cell death, eliminating malignant cells and not affecting the supporting structures of tissues, such as fibers, collagen, vessels and nerves.

Well-defined limits

The boundary between treated and untreated areas in other treatments is sometimes somewhat blurred. The IRE demarcates a border of just a few microns.

No scars

Because the mechanism of destruction is natural: Apoptosis, the induction of inflammation or scarring is minimal.

What occurs is a regeneration of normal cells in the target zone. This means less discomfort and the possibility of repeating the treatment as many times as necessary.

Speed and single session

Done under general anesthesia. It lasts approximately 1 hour. Hospitalization less than 24 hours.


It allows not only to treat cases of primary disease but also cases of failure of other treatment modalities.

Immune response

During treatment, intact tumor proteins are exposed to the immune system, which will increase the body's ability to react and fight the disease.

In other treatments, heat, ice or radiation destroy proteins, with no efficient immune response (in study).

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