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The prostate tends to increase with age. Due to the location of this gland, this growth can lead to urinary symptoms: weaker urinary jet, difficulty in urinating (effort), two-stroke urination, time to wait to start urination, increased urinary frequency. About 1/3 of men aged 50 have symptoms attributable to BPH. The diagnosis is clinical but must be confirmed with some tests: ultrasound, flowmetry, PSA, IPSS, urethroscopy / cystoscopy.

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prostate symptoms
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IPSS Score

This is an inquiry that should ideally be completed by the patient. The sum of the first 7 questions will give a general idea of the severity of prostate symptoms:

• 0 - 7 mild symptoms

• 8 - 19 moderate symptoms

• 20 - 35 severe symptoms

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