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7 most frequent questions about Nanoknife
Is it painful?

The whole procedure is done under general anesthesia, so its completely painless. The first days after the intervention there can be some mild discomfort easily treated with mild analgesics (paracetamol/ ibuprofen). 

Is it safe?

As it is done under general anesthesia in the OR all life signs are continually monitored. After the procedure patients are admitted to a recovery room where the same signs continue to be monitored until discharged, by the anesthesist, to their room.


When can I return to work?

This kind of procedure usually requires a work pause around 48/72h..


How long does it take?

The procedure itself takes from 30 minutes to 2hours. The hospital stay is under 24h.

I have prostate cancer is this kind of therapy suitable for me?

The choice of the most suitable therapy depends on a lot of factors from the disease and from the patient. Please contact us for an evaluation.


If I can´t choose IRE/Nanoknife what can I do?

If there is some kind of contraindication in your case to urndergo IRE/Nanoknife there are still other kind of focal therapies (Cryo,...) or whole gland treatments


I`ve got a pacemaker/IDF can I still undergo IRE/Nanoknife?

In prostate IRE pagemaker is not a contraindication. The IDF, as in most procedures, has to be temporarily shut down.


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