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NANOKNIFE is the comercial name of the device uses irreversible electroporation(IRE) for tissue ablation. 

It is FDA and CE approved since 2006.


The mechanism of celular destrution is based on a pulsatile electrical current of high voltage, with the duration of tiniest fractions of seconds. This opens pores in the celular membrane destroying the cell. The own body celular defenses will clear the celular debris, in a process called apoptosis.


Celular selectivity

Only induces celular death, preserving the support structures such as fibers and collagen that make up the tissue scaffold.


 The boundary between treated and untreated areas in other modalities can be somewhat vague . In IRE this boundary in in the microns range.


Clearly defined treatment boundary


No Scars

Given that the method of celular destruction is a natural one, apoptosis, the induction of inflamation and scarring is minimal.


There´s a near regeneration to normal tissue in the target area. This translates in less bother and the possibility to repeat the procedure if necessary.

Quick and Single session

Done under general anesthesia. Has the duration around 1h. The admission period is under 24h.



Allows for the treatment of primary cases but also for therapy in relapse after other treatment modalities.


It´s postulated that the presentation of intact tumoural proteins activates an antit-tumour imune response.(undergoing investigation)

Other treatment modalities using cold or heat destroy the proteins.

Imune response


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